Background and aim: The development of (meta)genomic-, (meta)transcriptomic-, (meta)proteomic, and metabolomic-based approaches has improved our ability to describe community structures and functions, metabolic potential and diversity, mechanisms of adaptation, and phylogeny and evolutionary history from single organisms, to whole communities, to holobiont / host-symbiont systems.

This interdisciplinary workshop approaches the different technologies in order to learn about each other’s expertise, share knowledge and gain experience. Therefore, we would like to bring together early stage and experienced researchers in marine sciences, which are working on omics-related research topics in scientific institutions located in Bremen and Lower Saxony. This free workshop is a joint initiative of the institutions ICBM, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, and Senckenberg am Meer – funded by a grant from the Nordwest-Verbund Meeresforschung (NWVM).

Following topics will be considered during the noon-to-noon structured workshop:

  • (meta)genomics
  • (meta)transcriptomics
  • (meta)proteomics
  • metabolomics
  • high-throughput-amplicon sequences/metabarcoding

During the two days we will learn more about these different topics via application-oriented scientific talks and a poster session from the participating early stage and experienced researchers. Participants without a presentation will be asked to bring a poster about their work for the poster session.

Preliminary program

Participation​: The workshop will be free of charge, including lunch, dinner, and coffee breaks, for the participants. The total number of participants in the workshop is limited to 30. If you wish to participate, please fill in the application form before 16 May 2018.